Meet The Author: Victor Vazquez-Hernandez

Are you in New York in late March? You might want to check out this literary event being held by the Center for Puerto Rican Studies!

March 29, 2017 at 6pm – 8pm
Centro Boardroom E1442, East Building, Hunter College

Original post found here:

Before the Wave: Puerto Ricans in Philadelphia, 1910–1945

This book recounts the genesis of the Puerto Rican community in Philadelphia during the interwar years (1917-1945) and connects the origins of this community to the mass migration of the post-WW II years when Puerto Ricans consolidated their presence in Philadelphia (1945-1985). This study compares the experiences of Puerto Ricans with that of the Italians, the Polish, and African Americans in Philadelphia during the early twentieth century. The scholarship on Puerto Ricans outside of New York has been, by and large, limited to the postwar period and a closer examination of the interwar years provides us a more complete picture of how the postwar migrants were established and developed over a much longer period than previously believed. Until now, there has been no comprehensive examination of this early diaspora in Philadelphia.

Author:  Victor Vazquez-Hernandez

Commentator: Gerald Meyer, Hostos Community College



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