Rev. of Rafael Reyes-Ruiz’s The Ruins

The Ruins is a cross-cultural novel by Rafael Reyes-Ruiz which explores the relationship between memory and nostalgia in a plot that takes place in several continents. It is the story of Tomás Rodrigues, a professor in Japan, who finds himself haunted by his past when he sees a woman who looks exactly like his first true love. In an effort to understand what seems impossible, Tomás gathers enough courage to speak to the mystery woman, only to realize she has already disappeared. Tomás frantically begins his search for her and thus begins his journey.

Rafael Reyes-Ruiz provides readers with harmonic images of several cities and cultures around the world while unraveling a plot of mystery and self-search with themes of love, loss and acceptance. In this journey, we explore the mind of a man who is eager to understand and reconcile with his past. The Ruins makes the reader question whether coincidences exist at all, or if the universe, in some mystical way, has already written the plots to our stories. 

Rafael Reyes-Ruiz teaches in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department at Zayed University in Dubai. He is editor of Encounters, an academic journal/book series. He is currently at work on a second novel.

The Ruins is a publication by Latin American Literary Review Press and can be purchased through Amazon. Click here to purchase. 


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