U.S Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera on Rossy Evelin Lima

Original post found here: http://www.latinobookreview.com/us-poet-laureate-juan-felipe-herrera-on-rossy-lima.html

Mexican Poet, Rossy Evelin Lima, continues to make enormous strides within the U.S/Latino poetic scene, gracefully representing our literature with power, determination and finesse, while shedding light on topics such as immigration and cultural heritage. Her upcoming bilingual book, Migrare Mutare, soon to be published this summer by Arte Poética Press NY, and translated by Don Cellini, is already receiving praise from some of the nation’s greatest authors. The following is a piece written by the United States Poet Laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera.

“Rossy Lima offers us a migration and migrant metaphysics, a river of personal and collective speakers, a labyrinth of voices, a woman serpent, of skulls and coyotes, an ongoing conjure of voices and lives of limbs and multi-tracks of birth-death, of borders and borderlessness. This is a prism of outside-inside, in-between, an always shifting set of reassessments—re-castings, memory and forecast—the elixir and poison of migrant exile without exile. Notice the urgent notes in this collection—perhaps in the timbres of a border mermaid, a skinned figure, almost formless, Cortazar’s axolotl, a half-amphibian, half human, a migrant existence, always in rapid, unknowable, transparent, brutal change. A magnificent set of poems, in a most appropriate time. Lima is a lyrical warrior crossing.”

Poet Laureate of the United States
Juan Felipe Herrera

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