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Poetry is like a song, like a psalm, like a prayer. Poetry is different things to many people, and April being Poetry Month,

The Latina Book Club is celebrating by featuring Latino poets all week long.

We welcome A.B. Lugo, poet and playwright, who makes a very personal and emotional debut with 

Spanish Coffee: Black, No Sugar from La Casita Grande.

SUMMARY:  In 2015, A.B. Lugo, award winning actor and playwright, suffered through the deaths of his parents only months apart. To cope with his grief, he dedicated himself to writing a poem for each week of 2016. Little did he know he would be chronicling an historic year, one of social strife and tragedy that would culminate in the election of a man whose movement brings new awareness and fear to A.B. as an Afro-Puerto Rican. Spanish Coffee: Black, No Sugar, much like its title, is a bitter experience, as life can be, but also one that gives us the energy and power to make it through each day. More worn, for sure, but also stronger, and hopefully, wiser. A collection of poems influenced by history and inspired by the depths of the soul, Spanish Coffee: Black, No Sugar is as unforgettable as the year it chronicles. This book will be published in May 2017 by La Casita Grande.

Follow A.B.’s Facebook author page here: https://www.facebook.com/ablugo.author/

“You could be found
in the bitterness of
Spanish coffee
black, no sugar
and in the anger
of sunburned skin
and chapped lips

“I see you in the ferocity
of an ambulance siren
trying to cut through
rush hour traffic
and in the sense of wonder
of a toddler’s eyes
when discovering something
for the first time”

—an excerpt from “As You Like It”
From the poetry collection

“Él y ella
e hicieron el amor
Se gritaron
y burlaron con el otro
Lágrimas con risas
pasando décadas juntos
Según ellos
un matrimonio
no fue un capricho
sino una condena perpetua

“Así sería el amor verdadero
y perpetuo”

—un excerpto de “Amor perpetuo” de la colección de poesía


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