Las dos brujas writers’ workshop

In August of 2017, Las Dos Brujas Writers’ Workshops will host a five-day conference of workshops, craft talks, readings, and performances by a small group of influential, dedicated, and diverse voices in American and international literature. Our program seeks to create an intimate community of open-minded, trailblazing writer-teachers and participants whose work challenges the status quo.

This year’s conference is of special significance as it is organized in direct response to the racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and homophobia of the new administration. Now, more than ever, we are committed to the critical importance of writing and art making as a form of resistance, of giving voice to silences too long suffered, of raising our voices in a chorus of mutual affirmation. For it is up to us to find meaning and story where we’ve been told they have no worth. To remember and record loss, fight against forgetting, to make art that is not only adequate to this task, but to suffuse it with the exigencies of beauty. To write until it hurts, until the hurting sings.

This year’s location in the historic San Francisco Mission District is much more than circumstantial. It is an intentional engagement on the part of Las Dos Brujas with the Mission as a site with a rich history of art making, Latinx cultural expression, and resistance. Las Dos Brujas participants will not only learn in the Mission, but also engage with the community in myriad, meaningful ways.

We believe that the best art keeps expanding our interrogations of history, both personal and political. That is our intention with this year’s Las Dos Brujas conference—and, of course, to have a wonderful, inspiring time doing so together.

We welcome you to join us!

Cristina García
Artistic Director

The mural used in the header is painted by Martin Travers in 2002 showing the protest of the Nepali Women, titled Naya Bihana (a new dawn in Nepal).


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