CfP: A History of Mexicans in Missouri in the 20th Century edited by Daniel Gonzales and Valerie M. Mendoza, Ph.D.

Please share: Call for ProposalsMexicans in Missouri Call for ProposalsPersons of Mexican descent have been living in Missouri since the 19th century with the advent of the Santa Fe Trail, however, this group receives very little attention in the historical record, and its history has yet to be told. This edited volume aims to correct that by focusing on the experience of Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans during the twentieth century.

Missouri serves as a study in contrasts in that Missouri’s two anchor cities, Kansas City and St. Louis, attracted industrial workers while the remainder of the state focuses on agriculture. In addition, the state served as a cross roads for immigrants while at the same time attracting core groups of stable settlers.

We invite scholarship on topics such as immigration, braceros, the Chicano Movement, the effects of amnesty of the 1980s, and everything in between. We are looking for a unique perspective that illuminates this history and includes the use of oral histories and testimonies as well as photos and other more standard sources and documents.

Abstracts of potential entries along with a brief bio should be sent no later than July 31 to Daniel Gonzales at


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