The Windward Review, Vol. 15!

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Anchored at the heart of Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, Windward Review is a literary journal that celebrates the spirit of South Texas and the Coastal Bend. Ranging from poetry to fiction and nonfiction, this dynamic journal continues to grow and is swiftly becoming a shining example of cultural an literary diversity. 

This current Volume, Volume 15, is composed of 29 poems, 10 prose selections and 1 visual art piece, showcasing new, emerging, and well-established writers. The bold voices found in this journal finely represent the unique creative writing spirit of the Gulf Coastal Plains as well as a mixture of identities from all across the nation and beyond. 

The Windward Review serves as a bridge between regional and national literary culture with a broad range of topics and themes that will surely keep the reader engaged in the ambience of this fascinating region. It is a reflection of a gifted and talented community that foreshadows artistic prominence in the years to come.

Managing Editor Joshua Espitia
Associate Editor ​| Marketing & Distribution
Austin Simonson • Sarah Reeves
Associate Editor of Fiction Philly Vasquez
​Associate Editor of Nonfiction Rebekah Bluestein
​Associate Editor of Poetry – Zoe Ramos
Assistant Editors of Fiction – Chris Allen • Tori Field •
Jacob Mann • Caitlin Shamess • Sydney Spangler
​Assistant Editors of Nonfiction – Chuck Etheridge •
Y. Isaac Hinojosa • Reed Horton • Ash Miller • Kristen Ruggles
​Assitant Editors of Poetry – Juliana Aguilar • Celine Ramos •
​Tom Murphy
Editor and Faculty Advisor – Robin Carstensen
Design Team – Brady Burns • Sarah Reeves • Katie Meza •
​Wendy L. Moore, Dept. of Communication and Media, design advisor
Copy Editor – Mary Beth L. Davis
Cover Art – “Patience” by Reba Pyron [aka Feliks]
If you are interested in submitting your work to The Windward Review click here. For more information you can send an email to: 


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