New Book: I Love My Women, Sometimes They Love Me

Korima Press, a California-based independent publisher dedicated to putting out Chicanx and Latinx LGBTQ voices, has teamed up with Cathy Arellano for a new collection of poems. You can order the book here:

In these pages, Cathy Arellano portrays the lovers we’ve been and the lovers we’ve had. We haven’t always been fair; they haven’t always been kind. Arellano leads us through much travail, often with playful rhythm and rhyme, as she illustrates desire and disaffection in lesbian relationships. These poems do not guide how to do relationships as much as warn against the obvious and the ambiguous landmines embedded within. These poems compel us to consider what we keep at bay, for the poet knows actions and feelings must be acknowledged if they are to be altered, if we (and our liaisons) are to be transformed. In this collection, Arellano rips off her máscara and removes ours stanza by stanza.


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